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When public facilities are expanded, especially in the midst of fully developed property, many issues can arise that are sensitive and difficult to navigate. Thanks to our extensive collective experience, we have the skill set to find creative, equitable and balanced solutions.

Through the years we have built meaningful relationships and advocated for our clients across many industries to develop adjacent to public Right of Ways. We are passionate about serving in this space and always strive to advise our clients in a way that is efficient, imaginative, and just. We pride ourselves on being out-of-the-box, solution-oriented thinkers. We measure success one resolution at a time.

"I love the work we do at Evolving Land Plans. We are able to use our extensive experience in designing development adjacent to highway right-of-ways to create efficient solutions that help resolve conflict between existing improvements and the expansion of public facilities." - John Cornelsen, President

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Electric Transmission and Distribution Lines

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Evolving Land Plans specializes in expert witness work, specifically in the field of Right of Way Acquisition. Our dedicated team follows a comprehensive process to ensure the best interests of the community and the environment are prioritized.

This process includes thorough investigation, detailed inspections, and the creation of a comprehensive plan. We work closely with municipalities and other stakeholders to finalize the plan and present it at Commissioner's Hearings. Our experienced negotiators then engage in negotiations to reach a fair resolution. In the rare event that a resolution cannot be reached, our team is prepared to provide expert testimony and support during trial proceedings.

I have worked with Evolving Texas for several years sometimes as the client and sometimes as the consultant. Either way the treatment is the same – always fair, honest, reasonable and respectful.

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TxDOT: Loop 820 - Southeast Connector Project, Ft. Worth, Tarrant County, Texas

Completed 4 land plans with partial acquisitions involving improved properties for the Loop 820 Southeast Connector project in southeast Fort Worth.

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TxDOT: U.S. 380; Princeton, Collin County, Texas

Completed 4 land plans with partial acquisitions involving improved properties for the U.S. 380 project in south Princeton.

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TxDOT: I.H. 35E; Lewisville, Denton County, Texas

Completed a land plan with partial acquisition involving improved property for the I.H. 35E project in central Lewisville.